There’s more to life than just skincare. Experts warn that if you fail to remove your makeup, it could lead to tears.

Social media had one of its three-daily meltdowns when Charlotte Tilbury, a makeup artist, was quoted saying that women should wear makeup to protect their marriages.

A quick glance at the headline in an online tabloid revealed that she had not said it. But, who cares about fair play in the highly lucrative sport of making women dislike each other?

It is not my business what women do with their faces, pillows and marriages. But I was interested in the degrees of horror expressed at the very idea of failing to cleanse.

In all honesty, my husband doesn’t care if I am barefaced. However, I care a lot about my skin and believe that makeup can make it worse. It can make tomorrow’s eyes water and cause skin to dry out and become duller. Sleeping in makeup can cause acne over the long-term.

Unconvinced? Dr Justine Kluk, a consultant dermatologist, will tell you. “During the day, sebum builds up on the skin’s surface as well as in our pores. She says that makeup acts as a protective layer on top of this, increasing the risk of pore-clogging or breakouts.”

Our skin is constantly exposed to pollutants. This has been linked to increased acne rates in industrialized areas. Skin ageing is also a result of pollution, such as brown spots. We don’t need to remove makeup before going to bed. This will also make it more likely that we won’t be able to get rid of the pollution particles.

Despite all this, I don’t like the sometimes aggressive tone of online skin care dogma.

There’s more to life than just skincare. It wouldn’t have been so much fun to be preoccupied with the future’s pores every time I lay down on a mattress in my youth. I don’t think that a few drunken nights of slap do any lasting damage. Even though I am a skincare guru, it’s not something that I can do. It’s not what you do most of the time that counts, just like eating, sleeping, and exercising.

So, most evenings I get up at 8pm, if not, I move to the couch. I then massage my skin with a cleansing balm like Farmacy Green Clean (PS24, 50ml), add some water to make it milky, and then wipe off the residue with a wet Flannel. I wash the cloth again if necessary. It’s absolutely good for your skin. Sometimes, however, it is possible to live a little.