woman in black long sleeve shirt standing near green leaf plant during daytime

Although my expectations were low, I have become a Shrine devotee. Shrine is basically food coloring for hair.

My experiences with Instagram-sold beauty products were almost all disastrous. Sometimes, I get so enthralled by ads for a miracle face mask, hair tool, or easy-to-use false lashes that I reach for my debit card to do professional research, it’s almost always a disaster. The product is often disappointing when it arrives many weeks later.

My hopes for Shrine’s temporary hair colourant were therefore low. However, when my hairdresser asked me what I thought, I felt it my duty to answer and purchased several bottles.

woman in black long sleeve shirt standing near green leaf plant during daytime

But it was genuine devotion that drove me to place another order this week. Unique selling point of the British brand is its “lo-plastic” hair dye concept. Shrine Drop It is an easy-to-use, low-cost, and environmentally friendly alternative to mixing bottles, disposable gloves, brush, and other paraphernalia. The starter pack includes a small silicone bowl. You can fill it with any conditioner you like. I tried the PS1 generic supermarket conditioner, the PS30 designer equivalent, and many other options. All worked well. You then add the required number of drops to your mixture. The instructions state that one to two drops is sufficient, and four to six is too much.

The conditioner mixture is then applied to your hair from the root to the tip. After 10 minutes rinse it out as usual. The results are most noticeable on grey, bleached or highlighted hair. I have tested over 50 of these products this year. Your hair won’t feel straw-like because Shrine is added to your favorite conditioner.

This temporary effect fades in four washes. Your mileage may vary. I prefer Shrine’s White, Silver, and Ash, but those with more adventurous tastes will love the Peach Rose, Lilac, or Aqua.

Shrine has its limitations. Friends with brown hair, black hair and red hair saw little change in their natural colour. Shrine is the best money I have ever spent, even though I have lightened hair and rely on wash-outs to remove yellow tones or change my hair colour.