Gucci signage

The film’s premiere in cinemas across the globe is House of Gucci. It has generated renewed interest in the Italian luxury house and its fashion, particularly during its golden days.

Despite the House having not officially endorsed it, the film has been promoted with interviews, media reports and endless promotion. an e-commerce aggregator reported last week a 257 per cent increase in searches for Gucci bags, and a 73% rise in searches for Gucci clothing. According to, interest in Gucci slides was up 75% week-on-week.

Gucci signage

Officially and unofficially involved

The Kering-owned house was involved in the film in an unofficial way in many ways. This included in costume production, providing locations for shooting and endorsing actors closely connected to the fashion house such as Salma Hayek who is the partner of Francois-Henri Pinault, chief executive officer of Kering.

Gucci posted film stills of Gaga in archive pieces on its social channels. It also uploaded a photo of Jared Leto, brand ambassador, dressed in a pink satin three piece suit from Gucci, during Los Angeles premiere.

RealReal, a pre-owned luxury site that sells Gucci accessories and bags, has increased their Gucci marketing.

Kering’s most recent earnings report showed Gucci sales increased by only 3.8 percent in Q3, which was below analyst expectations. According to Kering, it was a transition quarter with high hopes for increased sales of its new Aria collection, Hacker’s tie-up with Balenciaga and, of course, the release of the film.

It remains to be seen if sales will increase.

Gucci’s leather accessories and accessories carry-overs account for more than 70% of the company’s overall sales. Kering may be able to get the boost that the house’s iconic accessories and archive deserve.