woman in purple knit shirt with white pearl necklace

The party season is fast approaching, so it seems a good time to get into a holiday staple: the sequin gown. The sequin dress, a popular choice on both the SS22 runways as well as social media, is a classic celebration look. It’s perfect for the transition from lockdown to the new normality that many are experiencing as restrictions gradually ease. With a variety of colours available, including classic metallics like gold and silver, as well as more bold options such bright pinks or primary colors, sequins can bring life to any colour. There are endless silhouette options for dress styles. For the coming season, many brands will be wearing loose-fitting or drop-waist sequin dresses. Others will stick to more body-forming styles that hug the figure with sparkles. The sequin dress is still the most popular choice for special occasions, despite its apparent shortcomings.

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It’s why you’ll love it:

The desire to ‘go out-out’ clothes is a defining trend for the coming year. This is basically the desire for extravagant party outfits. Customers are beginning to migrate out of lockdowns to embrace loungewear and other clothing, which has led to a dramatic shift in fashion. The staple evening out dress, the sequin dress, is safe and fun for special occasions as well as regular weekends. Its widespread appearance on a variety of runways by designers for SS22 demonstrated its importance. We will continue to look for something that celebrates the return of ‘normality’, and we will not be tempted to wear jogging bottoms.

We’ve seen it everywhere:

“Partywear” was a hot topic for the coming season. Many brands opted to use extravagant sparkles in their spring/summer 2022 collections. Versace was the star of Milan Fashion Week, where a number of models, including Dua Lipa, wore miniature sequin dresses that evoked a 60s night out. Loewe also offered a reconstructed version, a loose-fitted cami, with contrasting sequins and a long, slitted leg.

Chanel and Valentino, on the other, kept things simple with fitted gowns that were embellished in sequins from head to toe. They also emphasized classic silhouettes such as the one-shoulder. Louis Vuitton took the trend to a completely different level, with Marie Antoinette-like gowns as part of a runway that drew inspiration from antique fashion. The pannier robes were richly embellished with sequins, embroidered details and sequins. This was a true testament to the extent of the sequin trend.

How to style it

A sequin dress can be styled in a simple way. Only the overall silhouette of the dress can alter the look. Pairing a fitted, above-the-knee dress with an oversized jacket is a fashionable way to move the wearer between locations. Add strappy sandals to complete the look. This outfit can be transformed from casual to party-ready in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for more style, a loose-fitted dress with a matching clutch and over-the knee boots can be paired. This will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit from head to tail. Wearers can also transform a sequin dress to be more casual. An easy way to make an outfit look effortless is to wear a lace-up pair of ankle boots and an oversized jumper.

woman in purple knit shirt with white pearl necklace

The sequin dress is a partywear trend that is likely to never die. Its versatility in silhouette and colours makes it an appealing garment for a wide audience. This was evident on runways for 2022. Customers are focusing on putting their best foot forward and wearing outfits that were impossible in the past two years, as it is easier to go back to bars, clubs, and pubs. A store filled with shine and sparkle will help in the revival of “going out-out” fashion. It will offer glitz and glamour in place of loungewear and pajamas.