Puma, a sportswear brand, has revealed its first collaboration with Dua Lipa. The product is called “Flutur” and will be part of a larger collection that drops in 2022.

The capsule, which is limited to four pieces, launches December 18, and includes both footwear and apparel. Puma says it is a tease of what will be available in 2022 when a full collection will be released.

“Flutur” is a capsule inspired by the 90’s featuring “easy to wear silhouettes”, including black and white baby clothes, as well as an oversized black hoodie. All of these items feature a new logo which combines Lipa’s name with the Puma formstrip that transforms into an iridescent butterfly.

A triple-black leather ‘Mayze Flutur’ Puma sneaker is also available. It features a stacked midsole with zigzag stitching along the formstrip. The sneaker also has Dua Lipa’s signature logo on the tongue and insole. There are two options for lace.

Image: Puma; Puma x Dua Lipa ‘Flutur’ capsule

Dua Lipa released a statement about the collaboration. She said that butterflies were more than beautiful creatures. They represent transformation, hope and metamorphosis. The butterfly has been a symbol and a significant part of my life for the past year.

“Flutur is an Albanian term for butterfly. The capsule’s name, Flutur, is its name. It is a tribute to my heritage and a celebration of the new beginning with Puma.”

Maria Jose Valdes is the general manager of Puma’s sportstyle business unit. She said: “It was important that Dua release staple pieces to complement any wardrobe. She was clear about her needs and brought them to the table.”

“This capsule is just tease of what’s next year. We’ve been working round the clock with Dua in order to bring all her ideas to life. It was a pleasure working with her. She truly is a style icon.”

The Puma-x Dua Lipa “Flutur” capsule will be available worldwide on December 18, at Puma.com, Puma shops and select retailers. Retail prices range from 30-115 pounds.