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John Lewis predicts that the “great British glow-up” will be around as consumer lifestyles shift and people apply their beauty skills learned over lockdown to their daily routines.

According to John Lewis’ Beauty Bets’ report, collagen, lipstick, perfume, and beauty miniatures were the beauty must-haves of the past 12 months. Bestsellers include Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillowtalk Push up Lashes Mascara, and The Boost LED Face Mask.

John Lewis says that while pandemic shopping was dominated last year by scented candles, diffusers, this year, consumers will be shopping for fragrances. Perfume sales increased by 24 percent in the past year, as people come back to work after long periods of being away. Dior J’adore body spray sales have also increased by 275 percent over last year.

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John Lewis explained that Lockdown saw many people become experts in skincare, and that they were able to search for core ingredients more often than ever before. He highlighted the importance of retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acids as top searches. In the three weeks after stores reopened on April 12, skincare was still a top priority for shoppers. Sales of facial cleansers, moisturisers, and exfoliators grew by 82 percent and 79 percent respectively.

John Lewis says customers are taking advantage of the party season to show off their boldest make-up looks. Lipstick sales have increased by 30%, which is a trend that John Lewis expects will continue to grow. After stores reopened in April, lip liners sales increased by 386 percent over the following weeks.

John Lewis reports that make-up and fragrance have seen an increase of almost 6 percent over the past 12 months. Skincare accounts for more than a third, accounting for nearly 65% of all beauty sales. In the first 24 hours, 4,200 units of the department store’s beauty calendar were sold. 3,000 units were sold within the first hour.

John Lewis: 10 Beauty Predictions for 2022 Make-up Maximalism

Customers are finding themselves falling in love with their beauty bag and exploring new textures and colours. Since the end of the third national lockdown in 2013, sales have increased across all categories of make-up, with lipstick sales increasing by 178 percent, blusher sales by 181 percent and eyeshadow sales by 145 percent.

John Lewis notes that customers “enthusiastically return to make-up counters” to try new products and to utilise the staff for expert advice. This is especially true in foundations, where colour matching in-store has been so popular that it has resulted in a 14 percent increase in sales.

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Healthy Skin, Healthy Mind

Collagen supplements will be a major focus in the ingestibles industry in 2022. The bestseller The Beauty Chef Collagen Inside Boost, which saw a 230 percent increase in sales, will remain popular. John Lewis says that both liquid and powder forms will continue to be popular as people return to their daily commutes. Capsules and tablets are also becoming more popular as people seek supplements that they can take with them on the move. According to the report, Anatome will be the market leader in this area next year.

The Big Perfume Return

Perfume has been a strong category at John Lewis. It is still the most searched category on johnlewis.com. Next year, it expects fragrance to continue to be a strong trend. Customers will be looking for strong, intense scents and long-lasting EDP to surpass EDT. Customers will also want fragrance in their beauty routine. They’ll start with a scented body oil, then move on to a body lotion, and finally to a hair spray.

All About Actives

In 2022, active-based products targeting post-pandemic lifestyle-related issues will be the dominant. John Lewis believes that Murad’s new retinol eyemasks will be the most popular in 2022. They are specifically designed to reduce fine lines caused by prolonged screen time. Kate Somerville’s BHA rich Eradikate skincare line, which treats maskne, is also being supported by the retailer.

Actives are not just for skincare. Innovative products that improve skin’s appearance will be increasingly popular in the make-up industry. Primers will be packed with active ingredients like salicylic acid to reduce pore size and sebum production, foundations that brighten skin with vitamin C and setting sprays that protect against pollution. John Lewis also mentions that launches will be made by Gucci, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury and Laura Mercier.

The 90s Pout Backs

Power nudes will be the most popular trend in the nineties with warm sunset tones. This is evident on the spring/summer 2022 catwalks that featured burnt oranges and deep peaches as well as terracotta reds. Brands recognize that not all ‘nudes’ are the same. John Lewis currently stocks 1,274 lipsticks in this category. Charlotte Tilbury’s The Super Nudes collection will be a key product in 2022.

woman with red lipstick holding lipstick

Beauty with a Purpose

Consumers will see a shift in the future when refillable, waste-reducing products become the norm. Refillable products are already available from brands like Ouai, Rituals, and Charlotte Tilbury. Molton Brown will launch refillables next year at its department store. Hourglass’ Curator eyeshadow pan palette is being supported by the retailer. It contains five recycled plastic bottles and can be used to make eyeshadows.

Mini Adventure 2022

The retailer’s miniatures sales have increased by 35 percent over the past year. This trend will only continue as customers are more mobile. John Lewis installed a miniatures wall from floor to ceiling in its Edinburgh beauty salon, which stocks small-scale products from top brands like Benefit and Dermalogica. As the popularity of experimenting and “try-before you buy” continues to grow, this wall will be expanded to 12 additional stores.

The 24-hour Wellness Kit

John Lewis explains that the beauty wellness boom will not be limited to Sundays. Instead, 24-hour wellness will be a major focus. Aveda Chakra4 Balancing Mist sales have increased by 350 percent, a prominent role in which calming essential oils will be. Sales of weighted blankets as well as silk pillowcases have also increased at the retailer.

Beauty Tech: Take off

The popularity of beauty tech products soared in 2020/21 due to the pandemic. John Lewis opened its first ever beauty tech department, offering LED light masks, facial tone devices, and smart cleansers. With a 361 per cent increase in sales, Foreo was the most popular. The retailer expects that this trend will continue in 2022 with new innovations in the space, such as high-tech HydraFacials and Micropeels, as well as Cryotherapy and other high-tech HydraFacials.

The 2-in-1 New Design

John Lewis’ beauty team predicts that a “skinimalism” regimen will replace multiple-step skin care routines. It uses highly concentrated products that target multiple issues in one. Customers will be able to let go of unnecessary products and instead focus on the ones that fulfill multiple functions. Customers should not spend less but invest in products that work and deliver results.