Safilo Group, an eyewear manufacturer, has launched its Imprint 3D technology.

This technology was developed through Safilo’s exclusive brand Smith and aims to address all face shapes.

3D printed snow goggles have been introduced by Imprint 3D technology. The technology improves the comfort and safety of the goggles, eliminates light leaks due to poor fitting, removes pressure points and hot spots, and gives the goggles a wider field-of-view.

Customers can scan their faces using Smith’s app, which allows them to create a digital frame, 3D print it, and then assemble it.

Each customer’s individual characteristics are considered when creating a goggle. This makes each frame unique and personal.

“Safilo continues its 360-degree digital transformation. We have introduced many innovations over the past year in both the B2B as well as D2C sectors. Angelo Trocchia, CEO of Safilo Group said that today, we are extremely satisfied to be the first to demonstrate a concrete application for new technologies and to deliver an innovative product to market that continues the evolution of the sports experiences of customers.”

Smith is now selling the goggles in North America.

Image: Safilo Group