woman wearing camouflage soldier uniform carrying brown 2-way leather bag

It is the boiler jumpsuit or boilersuit. The boiler jumpsuit is typically loose fitting and covers the entire body. It often has an opening at the collar that opens from the fly to your waist. Its origins date back to the Industrial Revolution when it was worn by coal-fired burner men. It was later adopted by women munitions workers in the Second World War. However, it didn’t make its mark on fashion until the early 1980s when designers began to take inspiration from workwear. Since then, it has been a standard piece in customer wardrobes as well as on runways. It is arguably what influenced catsuits and jumpsuits which mirror this utility-like look.

man in brown button up shirt standing near green plant

The reason you will love it:

Because the boilersuit is unisex, it appeals to all sexes. It’s also a great option for those who like to keep their arms and legs covered. The boilersuit is a fashionable alternative to jeans and t-shirts, so many customers can wear it without having to compromise their comfort zone. Its popularity is due to its regular appearance in the SS as well as AW seasons. This makes it an attractive investment piece that shoppers can use to add value to their wardrobes. The suit can be worn as either a formal, evening-out look or casually every day, allowing the wearer to seamlessly transition from one day to the next.

We’ve seen it:

The boilersuit is making a comeback in menswear. Many big designers have incorporated the style into their SS22 collections to show the suit’s genderless appeal. Virgil Abloh, who was seen several times on Louis Vuitton’s catwalk, combined the suit’s industrial roots with the rave culture that inspired the collection. The result was an electric blue and red suit made in monogrammed leathers, which were contrasted with the two grey pieces. Dries Van Noten and Helmut Lang took a traditional approach to the boilersuit. Both used industrial colour palettes. Lang was directly inspired by the nautical uniform elements. Zegna and Isabel Marant displayed more fashion-led styles in womenswear. They offered a loose-fitted silhouette with a variety of design details, while Zegna showed a more dressier version.

How to style it:

woman wearing camouflage soldier uniform carrying brown 2-way leather bag

Another advantage of the boilersuit is its simplicity and ease of styling. To create a casual look, wear the suit with trainers and a long-line cotton coat. Both should have neutral undertones so that the colours of the one-piece are not lost. For evening wear, dress the suit up with a pair of heels and a clutch bag. You can play around with the style and add a belt to make the outfit more formal. Layering is a great idea for the winter months. An neutral-coloured turtleneck sweater can be layered under the boilersuit to add warmth. Lace-up ankle boots or a long coat will provide additional protection.

The long history of the boilersuit is proof that it has remained fashionable. This beloved 80s piece has remained popular season after season. The boilersuit is stylish and can be worn by all genders. It also appeals to those who are looking for something that will stay within their comfort zones, even if it’s an alternative to more traditional garments. This is a great addition to any shop and will continue to be popular in the future.