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LanzaTech, a biotechnology company, has shared the process of its recycled carbon emissions capsule with Inditex’s Zara.

These designs include fabric that is made from carbon emissions. This helps the retailer to avoid the emission of carbon into the atmosphere.

Jennifer Holmgren (CEO of LanzaTech), said in a statement that “We are extremely excited about the collaboration with Inditex, Zara which brings fashion made out of waste carbon emissions to market.” “LanzaTech can help fashion retailers and brands reduce their carbon footprint. We have a new way to recycle carbon emissions for fabric making by working with Zara.”

The company’s process includes the capture and conversion of steel mill emissions to reduce their exposure to the atmosphere. After the conversion of the steel mill emissions into ethanol, they are then made into a low-carbon material, which is then recast into a low-carbon polyester yarn by Far Eastern New Century. This yarn was used to create Zara’s capsule party dress collection.

LanzaTech’s contribution comes from its ability convert various feedstocks, such as household waste, to ethanol using a fermentation process that uses carbon waste.

Lululemon was a previous client of the company, and the activewear brand supported the development of the new technology.

white bus on road during daytime