Philipp Plein, a luxury brand, has announced that it will be presenting its men’s and women’s collections Plein Sport at the Milan Women’s Fashion Week in Feb 2022.

Plein Sport was launched in 2016 by the Plein Group as a response to the growing demand for premium athletic products. The brand released a press release saying that Plein Sport was relaunched in 2018 after making strategic business decisions.

The Plein Sport collection is designed and structured so that it is totally different from other Philipp Plein collections. The collection includes activewear made from innovative fabrics, which renounce leather, denim and applications. It also features sneakers with cutting-edge shapes and soles that resulted in extensive research and large investments by the brand.

Plein Sport stands out from other collections through its distribution. Plein Sport is sold through a network made up of independent multibrand showrooms and an exclusive showroom located in Via Burlamacchi, Milan.

“Another key ingredient in the distribution will be the innovative, Metaverse-oriented E-Commerce. This will make use of Plein Group’s powerful online platform. It is important to note that three licensing agreements for Plein Sport were already reached with highly-skilled professional fashion operators.” Philipp Plein added that these include the Laipe Group, Worldtime Group and Montelpare Groups for shoes for children.

The brand will relaunch Plein Sport in three stages. First, there will be the Fall/Winter 2022/2023 campaign which will begin in January 2022. Second, Plein Sport will launch online B2C sales starting in April 2022. This campaign will be preceded with a strong communication campaign that will focus on digital and virtual formats.

Image: Philipp Plein