black and white short fur cat

It was voted by the Italian Senate’s Budget Committee to ban fur farming in Italy and close down 10 of its remaining mink furries within six months. This move was hailed as a “historic victory” by Humane Society International.

Following approval of amendments to the budget law which included an immediate ban of breeding fur-bearing animals such as mink, foxes and raccoon dogs, and the closing of all active fur farms within Italy by June 30, 2022. In addition, compensation for farmers was provided by a fund of the Ministry of Agriculture, totalling 3 million euros in 2022.

Humane Society International/Europe, an animal protection organization, has presented concrete, strategic solutions to close down and transform fur farms into other, sustainable, humane businesses in its report “Mink breeding in Italy: Mapping, future perspectives”.

Although the decision is still subject to final approval by Italy’s Parliament, it is expected that this will be approved by year end. This would make Italy the 16th European country to ban fur farming. Valentino, Gucci and Prada are just a few of the many Italian designers who have gone fur-free.

black and white short fur cat

Martina Pluda is the director of Humane Society International Italy. She stated in a statement that this was a historic victory for animal protection in Italy. HSI/Europe is proud that our fur-farm conversion strategy played a key role in destroying this cruel and dangerous industry. Fur farms should be closed and banned for obvious reasons.

“Today’s vote recognizes that mass breeding wild animals for frivolous fur fashion poses a risk to animals and people. The limited economic benefits that it provides to a few people in this cruel industry are not enough to justify the risks. Conversion of fur farms provides a sustainable future for consumers, retailers, and designers.”

The HSI/Europe fur farm conversion proposal was supported by the Hon. Michela Vittoria Brambilla was the one who initiated the political action to put into practice the conversion strategy using existing public funds. Sen. Loredana de Petris submitted the amendment.

A parliamentary vote finally sanctions the end to the unspeakable suffering that is inflicted upon animals in the name only of profit and vanity.

Italy is the twenty-first European country to ban fur farming or severely restrict it. Better late than never. While we are still waiting for the final approval of this budget law, the political will has been expressed. It is a dream that animal protection organizations have been cultivating for decades in this country.