woman wearing black and white striped shirt

Celebrities and stylists are joining a growing trend for contrast 1990s-style strands.

You don’t need to have sun-kissed highlights. Natural looks are possible without spending a lot of money. Trendsetters say the new look is to dye your hair two colours and wear the “rebellious” streak with pride.

Think Geri Halliwell from the 1990s, Christina Aguilera from the 2000s, and now, more fashionable, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish. Charlie Le Mindu, celebrity hairdresser, says that this trend is “totally coming back”. It’s something I am seeing a lot. Alice Glass, the former lead singer of Crystal Castles, has my hair done in this style. It’s pop but in a grunge punk style.

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Luke Hersheson is the creative director at Hersheson salons. He agrees that 1990s hairstyles are still very popular. It wasn’t the most popular style, but people such as Dua Lipa are rocking it. It’s something that a whole new generation of children has seen and finds fascinating.

Mark Creed, a former president of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing, and an Oxford colourist, said that the trend is not only for students but also for older clients. This look is gaining popularity on Instagram with celebrities like Rina Sawayama and Mimi Wade sharing their hairstyle inspirations to their thousands of followers.

Lidia Patrizia is a DKUK hair stylist in south London and says that “it’s becoming really popular.” “We used get the odd request, but now we do a few people per week.”

This style is nostalgic and appeals to people who missed the opportunity to imitate their favorite stars. Anne Marie Mead, 29, says that it’s a style she has always wanted but was not able to achieve because she was too young. It’s what the pop stars did when I was too young to do my hair. Now it feels like a great time to do it.

Mead reports that most reactions to the product have been positive. She says, “One woman said it looked trashy, but she likes that about it.”

woman wearing black and white striped shirt

Experts advise against bleaching the triangular portion at the front of the hair to achieve this style at home. Patrizia says, “You would have to be really neat.” Hersheson suggests that you embrace the modern look while avoiding any Spice Girl references. His tip: His tip? You need to commit to the look and not just do a few pieces. He says that this is flattering and totally works. It’s a great way to appear young and unique, but it requires attitude. He says, “The danger is that it can look like a bad color if you do it without the right attitude.”

Le Mindu agrees. He says, “Personally, I love it.” You need to have a lot of attitude in order to wear it.