pair of women's brown pointed-toe pumps on board

Shire Hill Partners LLC is the designer, manufacturer and distributor for F.Major. This luxury direct-to consumer shoe brand has reported that 2021 was a great year. The company was founded by Jennifer Fessler (53 years old), and offers a wide range of shoes, from business shoes to party heels. F.Major’s flagship black heel has attracted a lot of media attention, including a feature in 201 Magazine and a segment about Changemakers on WPIX 11 News. Although the brand did not report sales figures, they stated that they had seen growth in one year despite heel sales being considered low. This is because more people are working remotely as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a problem.

F.Major founder and CEO Jennifer Fessler released a statement. Jennifer Fessler is F.Major’s CEO. She stated, “I am incredibly proud to provide an option for sexy heel to women whose feet are changing with time and who were dismissed by the high-heel shoe industry.”

F.Major’s shoes are made in Spain. They are the result of European craftsmanship. Their patent-pending, paper-thin, foam infused insole with buttery-leather insole creates a striking silhouette. The brand will soon launch its “New Year. New Shoe” campaign at the end of the holiday season. The brand also plans to release a new, “must-have”, nude color option for their signature shoe in 2022.