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When I’m not doing my hair, I think “Okay, I need to have my hair cut.” Although I will book a hairdresser appointment and get a scalp massage, it does not always solve my problem. What I really want right now isn’t a cut (although the length is fine), but a different style.

Experts predict that there will be a few hairstyles that are particularly trendy this winter. Some use accessories like the claw clip. Others speak to texture and offer alternative styling options such as heat styling or braiding. If you’re looking for styling inspiration, there are many.

Scroll down to see five different hairstyles you can try right now, or any other time this season, if you’re looking for something new.


woman near white wall getting her hair blown

Kendall Jenner was seen wearing an Emi Jay claw cut in a half-up style. Celebrity hairstylist .Jennifer Yepez .then confirmed that the claw-clip half-up is definitely a budding trend with versatility. Yepez says that if you don’t have much hair you can add extensions. You can either leave the curtain bangs out for a laid-back look or pull them back to create a sleek, polished look. Then, I love to add waves to a half-up half-down look to give it a little more dimension.”

Y2K Pin-Straight

Yepez also inspired me to try a new trending style: pin-straight layers with long layers. The style is great for those with long layers. It gives the appearance of “swooping” and provides cool movement. You can keep your hair shiny by applying a hair oil to the ends. This is a step that we all forgot about in the 2000s.

Retro Scarves

You can get creative with fashion angles by using a silk scarf, bandana or a balaclava. Knitwear and retro hair scarves were a big hit during the FW2021 season. Now, we are starting to see them on street style influencer Josefine Vogt. Just this month, Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist Chris Appleton collaborated with Bvlgari, showing the versatility of anything printed silk: Wear it as a headscarf or weave it through a braid.

Statement Braids

This trend is not about braids but how they are arranged. According to Geneva Fowler, Lead Braid Stylist at BeautyBeez, we’re going to see increased experimentation with protective styles, specifically braids, in color and the way they’re designed. She says that people will want to be bold and playful with their looks. With braids, this can take so many different forms – one personalization is this half-bun updo on influencer Amaka Hamelijnck – but it’s always vital to make sure you’re protecting your scalp (Fowler recommends the Naturally Drenched Rebalance treatment).

Full Volume

The disco-dancing Emoji would be a hairstyle. Sally Hershberger, a legendary stylist, says big hair is timeless. She says that volume is always in. “I like my hair full and with natural movement, so I use volumizing mousse to add volume to my hair.” Michelle Thompson, hairdresser, shares a great trick for adding volume to your hair: ‘Turn your side.”

woman in white tank top wearing black sunglasses