boy wearing black Nike track suit

Nike’s new London installation offers children the opportunity to participate in experiential sports and even suggestions for games.

The pop-up, called Nike’s PLAYlab and located in the Oxford Circus Niketown, features visuals of sport, flags, posters and uniforms as well as a submission station for ideas.

Nike stated that “kids see the world as a vast playground of possibilities waiting to be explored.” We created the Nike PLAYlab to empower kids in sharing their vision. It is a safe place where they can get the resources and support they need to realize their dreams. As they inspire athletes and new experiences, the Nike PLAYlab is our commitment to children.

We challenge kids to show us their Play New ideas and encourage them to think outside of the box. Some submissions from kids will be featured on Nike PLAYlab’s YouTube channel, while others will be published in real life. To inspire kids around the world, all submissions will be added into Nike PLAYlab Gallery.

Since the 1980s, the lines between fashion and sportswear have blurred. Several sporting goods companies are looking to expand their market share in this lucrative lifestyle industry. Nike hopes to instill brand loyalty among younger generations by promoting the sport of athleticism.

boy wearing black Nike track suit