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Frugi, a sustainable children’s clothing brand, has reached 1 million pounds for its Little Clothes Big Change charity initiative. This project was launched in 2016, and the business contributes 1 percent of its annual turnover.

Frugi raised 1 million pounds to support charity. This means that the brand has sold over 100 million dollars worth of organic clothing certified by GOTS since 2004. Frugi currently uses GOTS cotton for 85 percent and old polyethylene plastic bottles (PET) for 15%. These are used to create durable, waterproof fabrics for outerwear, accessories, as well as swimwear.

Lucy Jewson, founder Frugi, stated in a statement that “We are proud to many things we’ve accomplished at Frugi – but we’re probably most proud of this!” 1 million pounds is quite a sum for a small Cornwall company to have raised for charity before their 18th birthday.

“We founded Frugi to show that a brand can be a powerful catalyst for change, and that business was not just about the bottom line. We have continued to support grassroots charities while growing Frugi by being part of the 1 per cent for the Planet movement and creating Little Clothes Big Change.

Frugi’s larger mission to save the planet has been part of its ethos. It has always given back to both environmental charities and children-focused charities as part of its overall mission. Children’s clothing brand Frugi has supported many causes, including those related to hunger, shelter, and nature. It is currently supporting Eco-Schools as well as LEAF. Both are chosen because they encourage children to connect with nature and improve the environment at school.

Frugi has paid the Eco-Schools Green Flag certification fees to 150 schools in England since 2020. It also trained 500 teachers to be Eco-Coordinators for Eco-Schools.

Sarah Clark, Frugi’s chief executive, said: “This is an extremely proud moment for the Frugi family. We wouldn’t change the fact that we have pledged 1 percent of our turnover to charity. This is part of our brand’s DNA. This is a strong commitment to give back, regardless of whether we make profits.”

assorted-color apparel lot

“Our 1 percent donations go towards creating change on our planet for its people and the planet that we live on.” This has been the core of Frugi, and it will continue to guide the choices we make and the causes we support.”

The Frugi group also has TotsBots disposable nappies and Bloom and Nora disposable sanitary products. Since 2021, it has included these brands in its 1 percent turnover pledge.

After struggling to find sustainable clothing that would fit over their reusable nappies, Kurt and Lucy Jewson founded Frugi in 2004. It is now one of the UK’s most trusted organic and ethical children’s clothing brands. You can buy it online at or from over 550 retailers worldwide in 30 different countries. The entire range is available for newborns to ten year olds with Frugi Bloom, which also includes a twinning, breastfeeding, and maternity range.