red leather handbag on white table

We naturally begin to look forward towards the warmer seasons ahead and start to notice brighter colors that instantly boost our moods. A colour pop bag can be used as both a statement piece and a classic. It comes in a variety of styles, including cross-body, clutch, or top handle versions. Vibrant bags are primarily made up of one bold colour, but they can also be used as a clutch or top handle. This gives shoppers a unique piece that can store all of their daily essentials.

It’s why you’ll love it:

A pop of colour is a great way to show your personality and it can be used for all occasions. Although the colour pop bag has been around for some time, it has returned in modernized designs to appeal to fashion-forward shoppers. This vibrant bag trend continues to be a hit every year, thanks to its ability to transform. It can adapt to any season and either reflect the warmer months or brighten the grayer winter months. Its transformational powers make it a timeless piece that will be available year after year.

red leather handbag on white table

We’ve seen it everywhere:

Bottega Veneta was the one to make this style popular. They used their trademark green colourway in bags that were part of its SS22 collection. These styles became extremely sought-after. For the next season, the colour pop bag was a popular accessory and spread to many design houses. Colour blocking was a popular trend, as Richard Malone and Dior RTW offered bold solids within their collections. The house also showcased a range of handbags in miniature that, despite being small, caught attention. Richard Malone chose electric bags, which were paired with complementary colours. Nina Ricci’s 2022 resort line featured bags that were in direct contrast to the clothing. Large shopper bags and large totes in bright yellows, oranges and luminous blues were used to make Nina Ricci’s bags stand out against a holiday background.

How to style it

woman holding blue leather handbag

The obvious styling option is to incorporate the colour blocking trend into your outfits, drawing inspiration from the many design houses that have adopted the accessory. You can use colour blocking in many ways. For a bold statement look, you can take the color of the bag and use it throughout your entire outfit. You can also combine opposing colours by using at least two colors that either come from the same family or are in contrast. Another styling option is to match the bag’s color to one in a garment’s printed. A subtle mix of complementary hues can bring together an outfit in a harmonious way. It also allows you to use bold prints when creating an outfit.

A strong staple for your wardrobe is the colour pop bag. Bold colours can add life to any outfit. The popularity of the colour pop bag has increased due to the availability of designer options. The item is available in many styles and colours. This allows it to be easily adapted to individual tastes.