woman in bathtub

It is well-known that long, hot baths are not meant to be relaxing. Make it a special occasion with these wonderful oils

When I tell early adopters of bathing rituals that I didn’t understand baths once upon a while, they are amazed. I thought, “What is so appealing about getting wrinkly in water that is basically a pool of your dirt?” Of course, it’s not about getting clean. It goes beyond that. It’s like making a cup o’ tea. It’s all about taking a minute. It’s all about comfort. It’s about solving the problems in your life. It is rarely about the bath or tea. A good bath oil will enhance the experience. It can help calm the mind, relieve tension, and clear away the day’s debris.

woman in bathtub

You can trust that whatever oil you choose, such as lavender which is soothing and helps you sleep, rose which is uplifting and eucalyptus which soothes aches, pains and moods, you will experience a magical effect on your mood and joints. You can also use them to moisturize your skin, allowing you to skip the need for another moisturiser after a bath. Pregnant women, especially those in their first trimester, should be aware that not all essential oils, which are key components in bath oils, will be suitable. You should consult your doctor before using them. Remember that bath oils are not like any other oil and have been specifically formulated for bath use. Don’t assume that olive oil will have the same effect.

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