Bottega’s iconic shade is the chic, vibrant, and sustainable colour of now

Green is a desirable color. It’s not difficult to understand why. This is precisely the moment in human history when green seems to be the only possible future. Green is good. Green is the zeitgeist. What should you wear? Green is fashionable, but not too trendy.

“But make it fashionable” is a way to add some showbiz and sharpness. Add a little bit of syrup and a squeeze of lime. It’s not fashionable if the flavor is too vanilla. This is how we came up with the colour-of-the moment that represents nature but looks somewhat artificial. The current green is a simple, flat, saturated and straightforward green. It is not the colour that is used to make olives, moss, or sea foam.

It is not the colour of green-screen tech. It is bold, brash, and full of main-character energy. It is not as dazzling as emerald or subtle as pistachio. It isn’t a colour that shines in a cocktail ring, or a slice of cake in a highball. It is reminiscent of crayons, grass lawns, and lunchbox apples. It is the most blunt of greens.

The green has a name, except in fashion. This is Bottega Green – others call it Zoomer Green to refer to the generations who wore it. The green that is everywhere, the lurid shade that looks like a matcha latte and a shamrock, has been owned for the past year by Bottega Veneta, an Italian fashion label. Bottega, a first name to all fashionistas and a well-respected one, staged a show at Sadler’s Wells theatre, London. The stage was covered in this color. Bottega made this colour a trademark, much like Hermes with orange and Tiffany with duck egg blue. Bottega’s green is so popular that Bottega is now more famous than Bottega the-brand. The handbags are exquisite, if you have the means to purchase them. However, a granny Smith apple is a fashion status symbol.

How did this color replace blush pink which was the trendy colour of last year? Green was first introduced as an accessory. Because blush pink is a great pairing for green. That is why a trailing ivy houseplant looks so good against your setting-plaster-coloured walls. This is combined with the fact that green is more than just a color. It’s a philosophy and a mindset. That’s how we see everything, from what to eat to who to vote for. It is only natural that green would be the most popular color in fashion, as sustainability is at the forefront of fashion conversations.

Fashion is beginning to recover from the pandemic, but it’s emerging with less graces and airs. This is because culture has made it so easy for people to dress up in the long grass while they lock down. It’s all about a down-to-earth, earthy green. This colour is bright and homely. This is traffic light, you see. It is a universal symbol that can be understood by all ages and all languages. It indicates that you can proceed. It is tempting to choose a colour that allows us to resume our lives after so many years of living in pause. Green is not a colour that makes us feel elegant or pretty, but it’s a colour we feel secure in.

Is this a green light to a secure future? This handbag is more desirable than any other.