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It would be easy to distill the beauty of French girls down to one word. It’s not about a particular product or technique, but the attitude that French girls or French women have with their hair and makeup. It is a term that reflects a relaxed, carefree attitude. One that blurs the line between perfect and unfinished beauty.

It’s messy, just-woke-up-like-this hair and minimal make-up – a sultry feline flick here, a just bitten red lip there. The skin looks flawless without looking overdone. Camille Yolaine, a French beauty editor and influencer, has perfected this approach since she was 13, when she tried her first product, a lip gloss with raspberry scent.

She is now more interested in lipstick and mixes different colors to achieve the perfect shade. This lesson was taught by her father, a painter. She says that makeup should be fun. “I believe it should feel instinctive.”

She’s so obsessed by lipstick, that she launched her own lipstick line called Yolaine. The line currently includes three tubes of red painter’s tape that you can mix until your favorite shade. She adds that the line has the childish quality of inviting people to have lots of fun with colours, whether in a very precise or messy way. Add a little mascara and you’re done! French girl beauty. Are you still not convinced? Yolaine gives her definitive guide below.

Step 1: Get lots of water

My mum used to ask me 15 times per day “Have enough water?” I would laugh at her then. Now, I must thank her. Staying hydrated is key. It is good for your skin and hair, as well as your nails. It doesn’t take much effort.

Step 2: Apply dry shampoo

The carefree bedhead look is one of the most striking features of French girl beauty. This look is achieved by using dry shampoo, and then ruffling my hair. I use Klorane Olat Dry Shampoo. It’s the best.

Step 3: Keep it simple

Make-up is all about less. You don’t have to be bold with your make-up. But you can’t do both at once. Choose the area that you wish to accent and then go for it. If I do smoky for my eyes, I won’t wear bright red lipsticks and vice versa.

Step 4: Only do what is best for you

French girl beauty transcends technique and products. It is also about attitude. It reflects a confidence that comes only from feeling comfortable in your skin. My hairdresser warned me to avoid having fringes. I had always admired people with them. Although it was authentic, I didn’t like it.

Step 5: Apply SPF

Just because French girl beauty looks carefree and effortless doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to taking care of our skin. SPF is a must, even when it’s rainy and/or you’re feeling lazy.

Step 6: Apply your lipstick as blush

A simple tip: For a fresh look, rub some lipstick on your apples. You can create harmony in your skin and have less to carry around in your bag. To give your skin a healthy, outdoory look, you can apply some to your nose.

Step 7: Scrub your lips

It’s crucial to prepare your lips for lipstick before you can get into the lipstick phase. That is why I use a lip scrub, and Yolaine has one. You can scrub your way to a plump and healthy pout. Need an extra boost? You might try the Yolaine lipbalm. It is what I use every night.

Step 8: Do not strive for perfection

French girl beauty doesn’t mean perfection. It’s about being authentic to yourself. Blurred lips feel more natural to me, for example. I apply lipstick, then tap my lips with my fingers to make it look messy.

Step 9: Let go of all caution

Sometimes it’s okay to forget all the above. Beauty should be about having fun.