Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi wore frock coats with bow ties, exuberant colours and fitted frock coats. Fendi and Gabbana both imagined glamorous, post-pandemic outfits for their fall/winter collections during Milan men’s fashion Week.

Silvia Venturini, designer at Fendi’s fashion house, took inspiration from 1920s daddy. The show was punctuated with elegance and a touch of eccentricity.

Blazers were made into capes with knitwear featuring large chest cutouts. Accessories were flashy.

This collection also attempted to be more fluid in its interpretation of traditionally gendered clothes. Wide-leg pants were transformed into half-skirts by the designers.

The designer, who is the grand-daughter of founders of the Italian fashion house, stated that women often wear men’s jackets.

Fendi FW22, Catwalkpictures

At Sicilian duo Dolce & Gabbana’s show combines casual and formal styles in an expression of love for the great outdoors. The show was designed to appeal to a younger audience and featured rap music and punk music by Machine Gun Kelly.

Models wore loose-fitting coats in leopard or zebra print, white suits embroidered by pearls, or tight-fitting trousers and tuxedos that had wide shoulders and cinched waists.

Others were dressed in large, thick down jackets in bright colours and eco-friendly furs to face the cold on post-Covid expeditions.

The skirt was also featured in the Fendi male wardrobe. Designer duo Fendi praised young people’s freedom to choose their own clothes, and not having to worry about their gender.

Despite the disruption caused by the Omicron variant’s rise across Europe, both shows continued to be shown despite this. It has also curtailed fashion week calendar.

The number of physical shows dropped from 23 to 16 after Giorgio Armani announced it was withdrawing. 18 brands chose to present their collections online, while others chose to be there in person.

Dsquared2 was one of the first to embrace the return to the catwalk.

The Canadian twins displayed a festival full of bright yellows, pinks and reds in their first live performance in two years, which was attended by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a football star. They also included floral patterns, sequins, and crystal embroidery.

Dsquared2’s globetrotting style was a sign of hope and enthusiasm.