selective focus photo of eyeglasses hold by woman

They can be difficult to wear, from having to adjust makeup to match shadows and frames to be able to see well enough to apply them.

As every other person I know who wears glasses, I am convinced that my prescription has suffered disproportionately from the pandemic. I no longer find forgetting my glasses a minor inconvenience. It’s now a major crisis that makes me return them.

Beauty-wise, it’s been an interesting experience. What one gains by not being able to see the pores is what one loses when one applies a liner. Eyesight is not the only thing to consider. The shadow cast by speculative coatings can help, but concealer must work harder to lighten dark circles. Thick frames can also obscure the hard work that has been done on eyeshadow. This can be either a blessing or a curse depending on how it is applied. Eye makeup should be easy and noticeable for days when I will be wearing glasses as frequently as a teenager romance (I use a Missoma librarian’s necklace).

A crayon is almost always the answer. Crayons are the best eyeshadow for those who wear specs. They require little effort and have a high success rate. Because of the bullet shape, even an approximate aim will be accurate. After applying the creamy color to the lid, I use a fluffy brush to soften the edges. This technique is simple and foolproof. The only truly great crayons were made by Bobbi Brown for years (Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks PS25 are still the best), but I have diversified to include Vieves Eye Wands PS21 which fill in some gaps in the Bobbi shade range. Vieve’s Sand is a warm, pale nude that can be used as a lid color for those with lighter skin tones and as a brow bone highlighter for those with darker skin tones. Camel and Hazelnut, which are neutral nudes that look great on all skin tones (more colors coming soon).

Bobbi Brown introduced new colors, perhaps inspired by the threat of losing its crayon monopoly. Cashew, Shore, and Skyward are both universally flattering, warm, and cool neutrals. Skyward is metallic chartreuse that can be used for more playful looks. If your eyes seem to recede behind glasses, you can swipe them underneath your eye and smudge in the same manner.

A SimpleHuman sensor-mirror (PS290) has been a crucial piece of equipment over the years. It is illuminated, magnifying, and as indispensable as it is expensive, it allows me to apply the complicated makeup looks I used to take for granted. It’s worth every penny.