The Council of Fashion Designers of America presented the Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA) during an intimate dinner. It honored those in the entertainment and fashion industries who use their platforms to promote sustainable change.

The event was hosted at San Vincente Bungalows, California, USA by Livia Firth and Bethann Hardison, humanitarian and environmental activists.

Firth, the creative director of Eco-Age sustainable consultancy, spoke at the event. He said that fashion is a broad spectrum industry, touching billions of people and dependent on a healthy biosphere. This reach and power must be used to effect meaningful change.

Firth said, “We also know sustainability solutions are interconnected solutions, that social justice is completely interlinked with environmental justice.” All of these are the GCFA.

Tom Ford, who is also a chairman at the CFDA was awarded the GCFA Environmentally Restorative Honour for the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize in partnership with The Lonely Whale.

Aurora James, another CFDA member, was awarded the GCFA Economically Inclusive Honour. This honour recognized her efforts to promote economic transformation in the fashion sector to make it more equitable. James is also the founder of Brother Vellies, and the Fifteen Percent Pledge. Both strive to achieve this mission.

The honour was shared with Bethany Yellowtail who is the designer of her fashion label B.Yellowtail. Yellowtail’s work prioritizes Indigenous creators, which was commended by the event.

Color Of Change, an online racial justice organization, was awarded the GCFA Socially JUST award for its efforts in challenging injustices across the US.

Steven Kolb (CEO of CFDA) stated that the Green Carpet Awards were welcomed by the US. “CFDA, as an organisation that is committed to the promotion of social and environmental change in the industry, supports the Green Carpet Awards. We are inspired and grateful for the positive work of the recipients and their efforts to promote inclusive and responsible initiatives.”