Avery Dennison will launch Embelex, a full-service platform for branding on products. It supports customization, personalization, and smart solutions in the apparel, footwear, and accessories markets.

Embelex will offer a variety of apparel embellishment products to fashion, footwear, apparel brands, and sports organizations and teams, says Avery Dennison. It also pushes the boundaries of customization and personalization.

Avery Dennison, a global supplier of on-product branding technology, is already helping brands and sports teams through heat transfers and embroidery. The company supplies the Premier League official shirt numbers, names, and sleeves badges for retail and on-pitch. These badges have smart technology built-in that allows users to scan and reveal hidden content within the Premier League app.

Avery Dennison launched Embelex to establish itself as a leader for digitally-enabled physical embellishments. It also offers the software and manufacturing capabilities to make it all possible.

Steve Mason, vice-president and general manager, EMEA, Americas, and Embelex leader at Avery Dennison RBIS said in a statement that “Speed and Scalability are at the core of the Embelex offering. While brands and organizations want the ability to customize products, they also need on-demand manufacturing, just-in-time delivery, and minimal waste to fulfill their sustainability goals.”

“Embelex exceeds all expectations. We have a global presence that allows us to offer world-class service and support to apparel factories. This in turn, enables them to provide world-class value for their customers.”

This launch comes after Avery Dennison recently acquired Rietveld, a woven label and heat transfer label manufacturing facility for embellishment services based out of Turkey and the Netherlands. Rietveld specializes in the production of crests, heat transfer labels, and decorative sublimations in-house. They also offer embellishment applications and full service for the team sportswear market.

Jeremy Bauer, Embelex’s global commercial director at Avery Dennison RBIS added that Embelex’s on-product branding can be seen on the top sports names, such as Real Madrid, Futbol Club Barcelona, English Premier League, and Futbol Club Barcelona. Embelex’s reach goes beyond the pitch. Embelex has high-end brands and high-street retailers, where top designers, brands, and suppliers of apparel use decorative elements to bring their designs alive.