While I support a woman’s right to wear anything, the micro-mini is too cold and draughty

This season’s biggest fashion must-have is the tiniest of skirts. Let me tell you if you somehow missed theĀ  Miu Miu micro-mini trend that has gone mega. Imagine that you took a pair of pleat-front chino pants and cut the legs just above the crotch seam. The waistband and a few inches of fabric were left at the height of your panty’s gusset, with the pockets peeking out below, that’s how it looks.

This skirt is part of Miu Miu’s spring collection. It is small but you have probably seen it everywhere. It was featured on Paloma Elsesser, a plus-sized model. It was featured on Vogue Korea’s cover. It was worn by Lara Stone in Czech Vogue. Interview magazine featured Zendaya wearing it. Emma Corrin wore the skirt to a New York Fashion Week party. This is the homecoming queen in the season of miniskirt revival.

This skirt is a major issue for me. Mind you, it’s not that this skirt isn’t something I dislike. To be clear, I’m not like the 1960s men who rallied against the lack of morals. I don’t object to any skirt being worn, visible or not.

My disappointment is not that I was actually quite into miniskirts when they came back in style late last year. Yes, I was bored with the floppy skirts that twirl around my legs all the time. The miniskirt is here! I’m sure that this trend will soon be a big hit in my city.

The miniskirt revival became a micro-mini version. The invisi-mini is not for me. I am a large square and prefer normal-looking clothes. A miniskirt that finishes in the middle of my thigh is what I want. While each person is entitled to their opinion, the micro seems cold and draughty to me. It should be obvious that I support the right of women to wear mini skirts. However, I believe clothes are a way to show the world who and what you are. I don’t think I want my top thighs to be the center of my public persona. A slightly longer miniskirt is what I prefer. You get all the joy and energy of a mini but with less song and dance.

I’m referring to Monica in Friends, who had a great line of A-line miniskirts paired with a ribbed neck and a pair of mid-heeled, knee-high boots. It was so good. Alana Haim is seen in Licorice Pizza in the long-sleeved, short dress in chocolate brown that she wears on her first date and later in the movie. Ali MacGraw wearing a kilt for Love Story.

Max Mara’s macro-mini was seen on the catwalk this spring in a grown-up version, which was called the “boardroom miniature”. It looks great at Fendi in an autumn solid check with a frill underneath.

The one that makes the most noise is the smallest skirt. It is a not-so-mini skirt that has legs.