woman in red blazer and black skirt sitting on brown concrete stairs

The workplace feels like a fantasy world, with the constant threat of lockdowns hanging over us for nearly two years. The ‘new normal’ is becoming more widely discussed as the world moves closer to the end of the tunnel. This new normal is easier than changing the workplace to make it more suitable for this way of living. The two-piece trouser suit is now available. As we progress towards smart-casual, this classic look has been given a significant upgrade. Suits can now be found in a variety of prominent styles. This makes the suit an instant statement-maker and allows for an outfit that goes beyond just work.

woman in white long sleeve dress standing beside white concrete wall during daytime

It’s why you’ll love it:

Consumers have had to reconsider their wardrobe choices in the last two years due to dramatic lifestyle changes. This has led to less interest in formal wear and more casual wear. The statement suit offers consumers a balance between both lifestyles. It is suitable for work and casual wear. Many styles allow for fun prints or pops of colour, creating more daring looks that appeal to fashion-conscious consumers. Some people play with the traditional silhouette of a suit by adding belts to their waists or altering their proportions. A statement suit can be worn in any situation, and it is versatile enough to work with anything.

We’ve seen it everywhere:

Versace is the brand that made a statement with their two-piece. Donatella was on point for the SS22 collection and presented a runway show inspired the Versace scarf print. A variety of striking suits, featuring bold scarf prints and neon colours, caused quite a stir among the latex-like dresses, sparkly minis, and other glamorous outfits. Stella McCartney embraced the trend by offering a relaxed fit suit with adjustable waistbands and bold colours. Kenneth Ize’s version of the style was mirrored in the oversized blazer. Ize created a multi-layered striped ensemble with matching high neck shirt as part of his ready-to-wear collection. Armani approached the statement suit in a different way, opting for a more traditional interpretation. The SS22 collection of suits featured androgynous tailoring combined with sleek modernist designs that gave new life to the classic trouser suit.

woman in red blazer and black skirt sitting on brown concrete stairs

How to style it:

Statement suits are a piece that speaks for themselves. The suit’s ability to stand alone is another plus. This makes it easy to style for any season. Consider the occasion the shopper will wear the look. For a stylish and understated look, pair the suit with a basic turtleneck or loose-fitting shirt, as well as ankle boots, if the suit is destined to become a work staple. For a cocktail or champagne event, you can pair the suit with a sparkling cami and strappy heels. Layer up on more comfortable pieces, such as a casual shirt or sweater underneath, if you are opting for an outfit that is more everyday-appropriate.

The suit has become the ideal lifestyle crossover, as it is able to bridge the gap between continuous lockdowns and a “new normal”. Statement suits have been featured in numerous designer collections. They are a departure from the traditional workplace dress code. It can help customers find their identity just as the world opens up and life knocks back.