woman doing yoga facing calm body of water

Miomojo, a cruelty-free accessory brand, has expanded into yoga wear. Kind yoga is made in Italy. It includes a top and legging set made from breathable, recycled fabrics as well as a sweatshirt, two yoga bags, and a top and bottom set.

The Kind yoga collection includes a pair of leggings and a top made from soft, sustainable nylon, which has been recycled from textile waste. A matching sweatshirt is also available in organic cotton or recycled polyester. These clothes are made with recycled materials, which means that 90% less water was used to make them and that 80 percent less CO2 was produced than virgin materials.

woman doing yoga

Made from recycled PET bottles, the Irene mat holder and Melissa tote bag are also made in Italy. Miomojo stated in a press release that the products were certified and tested by the Global Recycled Standard in every stage of the production chain. Comparable to virgin materials, 86 per cent less water, 75 percent less CO2 & 70 percent less energy are used.

“We’re constantly searching the globe for new materials that don’t harm animals or the environment. We use recycled materials such as fishing nets, plastic and glass, as well as coffee. Innovative alternatives to animal skin. Recycled organic fibres made from bamboo and mint. We are also looking into new lab-grown materials like mushroom leather.”

The Italian label is also working towards becoming a B Corporation. It has already become a Benefit Company. This means that the company goes beyond the profit goal to balance ethics and economic benefits.

The Miomojo website sells both the yoga wear as well as the yoga bags. The prices for the yoga set are 112 euros (around 130 US Dollars/96 British Pounds), 65 euros (about 56 British Pounds) for a sweatshirt, and 86.50 Euros (about 100 US Dollars/74 British Pounds) for a tote bag. For the mat holder, 50.50 Euros (around 60 US$/43 British Pounds) is the cost.

woman doing yoga facing calm body of water

DHL Go Green is used to ship all products. This helps reduce environmental impact by compensating CO2 emissions. All packaging is made from recycled paper and biodegradable corn starch. The company plans to produce all its products entirely from recycled materials by next spring.

Miomojo also donates 10% of its net profits to animal welfare organizations like Animals Asia and Four Paws. Bergamo-based Miomojo has joined 1% For The Planet and donated one percent of its annual profits to the international environmental organization.