Zara signage inside building

Zara has spent 238 million euros on a new headquarters. It will house Zara’s sales and design teams in Inditex’s complex at Arteixo. Construction of the new headquarters will start in January subject to all necessary permits and should last for around two years.

These new facilities are designed with a focus upon their lines, wide open spaces, energy efficiency and sustainability credentials. They are intended to strengthen the horizontal work dynamics among designers, patternmakers, sales professionals. This is underpinned by creativity and articulated around open communication and collaboration. The adjacent offices that house will be complemented by the new five-story building, with two additional underground floors for parking.

Zara signage inside building

Zara to establish a multi-million-euro headquarters in Arteixo

The building will be predominantly white with large horizontal windows and protruding wings to protect the sun from interiors. The structural trellis will create huge open spaces between departments by introducing pillars.

Batlleiroig designed the plans. Batlleiroig is an architecture firm responsible for Zara’s recent expansion in Arteixo. This huge building’s dimensions and proportions give it a shape coefficient. Together with its highly insulated roofing and facades, this reduces its energy consumption. It also facilitates energy self-sufficiency thanks to the energy taken from three wind turbines in Coruna’s Outer Port.

A next-generation facility management system will be installed in the new building to ensure that all its elements work in harmony and adapt to changing conditions. The construction process’ impact will be reduced by using technology during the design phase. This is in the interests of sustainability. This industrialization will be combined with the intensive use of recycled material to reduce the work’s carbon footprint and waste generation. It will meet the strict requirements of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and Zara hopes to attain its highest certification, LEED Platinum.

Two large, connected work areas will be available on each floor of the sales team. The two large, connected outdoor spaces that run along the east and north facades of the dotcom building will enhance the area outside. This will promote users’ health, and support their well-being. It is in line with the strategy Inditex launched in 2018 to integrate and upgrade the complex’s outdoor spaces. To ensure optimal interactivity between departments and internal connectivity, a grid of walkways will link various parts of the new building to the buildings adjacent.