KTGfashionhouse, based in Los Angeles is a brand that is focused on sustainability through numbered collections. It creates works like fine artists paint a series. There are no two garments the same. This collection is the result of an emotional loss. SAYNT is named for the city in which the collection was made. Saint Monica is a healer, and the inspiration for the entire collection was healing. It took many months before we were able to start creating again. Each piece in the collection is given a unique name. Three pieces were named in honor of people who died between 2020 and 211. SAYNT ZTW was named for the designer’s partner. Alabama was named after her father and SAYNT Cecilia after a dear friend who died suddenly. George is also available, which was named after a neighbor cat.

four person sitting on chair with plastic bag covering their heads

This collection is the debut of the brand’s first textile design line. These prints were made from original abstract drawings. These prints were created by hand using pencil. They were then sent to Faversham, UK, to be printed on fabric. This is one of the best parts of the collection. The remainder of the collection consists of deadstock, limited-yardage new fabrics and vinyl.

The collection was completed in time for Paris Fashion Week and London. This collection continues the brand’s tradition in creating garments with no fasteners. It also features original textile designs and sculptural vinyl elements. The powerful SAYNT collection is filled with unique, one-of-a kind pieces.

About KTGfashionhouse

KTGfashionhouse, a Los Angeles-based company was established in 2007 in Los Angeles, California. It started by creating custom clothes and fulfilling custom orders. KTG doesn’t use buttons, zippers or any other western fasteners. This method was developed because women want garments that fit them, not just a template. Each garment is an original work of art. Each garment is made with the best quality and intended to last. Sustainability is our top priority. KTGfashionhouse offers couture at a mid-luxury cost point. To learn more about the designer, you can visit Instagram and the brandpage to shop the collection.