laptop computer displaying Mango pants

The next collaboration between Roots, a brand that promotes outdoor lifestyle, and Revolutionnaire, a mission-based organization, has been announced.

The collaboration was titled Revolutionnaire by the Roots and is the result of a year-long partnership. They released the Dreams Fuel Revolution T-shirt in February 2021. They will have a co-branded sweatshirt, hoodie, sweatpants, and graphic t-shirts.

“With our shared values in inclusion and authenticity, designing this collection was inspiring for us all and we feel honored to have the opportunity to share it with our community,” stated Karuna Scheinfeld, chief product officer at Roots.

Revolutionnaire began as a company that made dance apparel. However, its goals soon expanded when its co-founders Nia Betty and Justice Faith Betty realized the need to offer a variety of dance apparel. They began to work together to create a line that was suitable for all skin types.

Nia Faith Betty said, “As a young dancer it was difficult to enjoy my passion for dancing without clothing that made me feel comfortable in my skin.” “To create a color scheme that accurately represented people from all backgrounds, I spent hours comparing the skin tones of Howard students to find the exact fabric colors. These colors are used in our Revolutionnaire clothing and accessories, as well as the Revolutionnaire by Roots collaboration.”

An Awards Jacket is inspired by the social change component of the Roots/Revolutionnaire collaboration. It features the words revolutionary. These products can also be purchased in a non-gender specific silhouette at selected Roots stores and on both the websites of both brands.

laptop computer displaying Mango pants