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Yes, Scorpio season is here, and it seems only right that we should run into it after Mars in Libra. In modern texts, Pluto is attributed to Scorpio. Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler. This tension exists between the two and can make our future visions seem like they have come from another time. Luckily, Mercury is in Libra, which gives us plenty of time to think things over and “be flexible,” a useful approach given Mercury’s inconjunct aspect to Uranus in Taurus on the 24th followed by Mercury’s inconjunct aspect to Neptune on the 30th. Although they are unpleasant, inconjunct aspects can help us recognize our feelings and learn how to deal with them.

Respecting your energy and others who fuel it is the theme of the last quarter moon in Leo. Mars will enter Scorpio on the 28th, the day after the last quarter Moon in Leo. It’s tempting to ignore the signs or to use curated social media accounts to communicate your thoughts, but it is best to speak up and be clear about what you mean – the consequences will be severe!

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If you are sensitive to weather shifts, you may still feel the effects of last week’s full Moon in Aries on you. She was bright and insistent and wanted to remind you of who you are and what makes you feel secure, loved, and appreciated. It wasn’t easy for you to grasp this knowledge, and it still doesn’t feel like that. It’s been a lifetime’s work to shrug off the world that you were born into in order to build your own world. The last quarter moon of Leo this week encourages you to be proud of all you have accomplished. You might feel more inclined to use what you know to help others. Saturn is stationed directly and Chiron in Aries is applying a sextile.


Taurus people have a reputation for being direct. However, being direct doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always speak your mind. This is especially true if you find yourself in trouble for saying the wrong thing. Nobody wants to be defensive and speak their truth. Instead of trying to keep things peaceful by being closed-off, you might spend some Venus in Sagittarius transit looking at what is shared and not on individual points of contention. Baggage is baggage, and you can’t have it all if you stuff your suitcase with complaints. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to unpack it. It could be placed by the door so you can come in, get warm and enjoy a meal.


Not all information is available in its final form. Some truths and some things come to us as seeds that require time to grow. It is wise to wait to make any major decisions. Give the story that you are spinning time to settle down and become more of its own. Gemini risings, the 28th quarter moon in Leo falls in your third-house. The third house is where the moon rejoices, and rituals can be performed. Pay attention to the days leading up to the quarter moon. This is how humans shift their hours in order to achieve balance between light and darkness. As you look at what has grown out of balance, what must be cultivated, as well as what should be cut back, try to keep your eyes open.


It is not always easy to define safety, but it is clear when it feels lacking. Safety is something that many people yearn for. Safety and security drive many of our decisions, financial and otherwise. Even those who choose to live with less and avoid the gods of money are still part of the equation. Opposition is still a relation, after all. It’s a type of counterweight. Besides, so much of what we believe about safety and our ability to experience it is inherited – by us, but not from us. The last quarter moon of Leo this week invites us to reflect on what safety means for us right now. What does this mean for your relationships, work, and bank accounts …)?


The idea of boundaries can be tricky. It can sometimes feel as if someone has just come along and said: “Let there be some distinction between those with good and those with bad boundaries!” Unfortunately, many people are not taught to recognize when it is time to batten down. Boundary work is a lifetime’s work and each person will have a different view. You can sometimes go over the boundaries, but it’s okay to do so if you are ignoring your better judgment. Sometimes, human beings need to have a negative impact. For example, a child must learn that the stovetop can be hot by touching it. Leo, there’s no need to burn yourself this week. However, you are encouraged to think about how often your boundaries are broken and end up getting burned. What might you be trying to learn?


As Mercury (your ruling planet) moves forward under the stars Libra, you might find yourself going to great lengths to enjoy and revel in beauty. It is a natural human instinct to desire beauty and strive for it. Take a look at how birds court one another. Travel is an option, but it can be difficult during a pandemic. You can stimulate your senses in other ways that reduce the risk. It’s a great way to welcome this influence by making a seasonal dish, especially if the ingredients can be gathered from a nearby farm. Read a book to appreciate the beauty and language it contains, rather than for the important facts. Slowly move your body through the air changing and notice its effects on your skin.


It is true that life happens when you are busy making other plans. But does it have to be so urgent and all at once? You might be wondering what the stars have got to do with it. The shadow of Mercury’s retrograde through Libra and the inconjunct aspect Mercury in Libra to Uranus, Taurus, this week, could help you see how the stars are assisting you. Inconjunct and square aspects are not pleasant. They indicate times when cooperation is essential, and even then, things may not work out the way you planned. You will not be able to make drastic changes with Uranus or Neptune. It is as risky as letting go and allowing the goddess to control. You’re better to do what you love: finding the middle ground.


Happy birthday Scorpio! Although the phoenix may rise again and the snake’s old skin will be shed, it is still a different experience to live a life dedicated to self-transformation. It doesn’t get easier no matter how cleansing and validating the fire is. You just learn to accept the weight of change and the tug of it. There’s a lift in leaning into your eagle side — that part of you that hovers over the scene like it’s a separate story from you. But there’s also loneliness. Scorpio will see more planets gather, just like Mars this week. Also, your power can collect like an ouroboros. This begs the question of whether you should shed your dying skin to start over or if you should live backwards and grow sharp vines to cover your wounds. You can choose.


Surely there has been some pleasure in having Venus under your stars. But Venus’s influence along with your Sun or at your first home is all that you can make of it. Aphrodite did not just give you golden apples, but you have to ask for it. The presence of Juno, an asteroid near Venus, can be a mixed blessing. Some people find a deeper connection with their trusted companion, while others feel a stronger connection. Others feel the pressure to prove they are worthy of being accompanied or that they are unique and special. If you need reassurance, look to your friends. Ask the people around you to remind and affirm you of who you are.


Power is often referred to as a well-known thing. It’s a matter of who has it and who wants. Power is alive, and it transmutes. This reminder comes as Mars in Libra makes a tight square to Pluto (Capricorn). This reminder comes to you just as Mercury in Libra squares the asteroid Eros. The tension lies in the pull between getting what you want or working out an alternative that will satisfy you. The concept of compromise is like a weak will. However, experience is more powerful than sexy concepts. Consorting with another person is sometimes the most powerful thing that you can do.


Scorpio season, the most frightening season of all, is here. Many people are afraid of blood, bats and other things that might go bump in the night. But Aquarians love to rise to the occasion. It’s incredibly intimate to watch fear in the people you love and patiently wait for the curtain to be pulled back. Scorpio season is a great time to get to know what scares people. It’s not the creaking floor or howling wind, but the possibility of being truly seen as lacking something fundamental. What is the truth behind a scare like this? Only understanding that fear is like devotion can help you to practice it. Believers are not to be trusted if there is no proof.


The Sun’s passage under the Scorpio stars ushers you into a time of reflection. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the impact Libra season has had on you and your family. Transformational times can be energized and Venus’s transit through Sagittarius may have you ready to get busy, invite others to join you in your journey or help you reach the top of this hard climb called life. Although it is powerful to work with others to find ways to move forward, it is only as powerful as the people involved. You might be wise to slow down and take some time to assess your capabilities and determine what you can emotionally and realistically commit to this week.