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Kering confirmed Wednesday that Bottega Veneta’s creative director Daniel Lee will be leaving the label. The Paris-based luxury brand, Bottega Veneta, announced the shocking news on Wednesday. It said that the decision was made jointly, as first reported by Business of Fashion.

Although Lee’s reason for leaving has not been made public, it is unusual for a top designer to leave a label so early during his tenure, particularly when sales are high and his designs have influenced the entire industry.

Lee was a darling of the media and was loved by customers and respected his peers. His departure raises questions about whether there was a better opportunity or if the current position of leading a luxury brand with high visibility is more difficult than it seems.

Since July 1, 2018, Daniel Lee has been the House’s creative director. He brings a new energy and contributes greatly to the current momentum Bottega Veneta enjoys today.

Bottega Veneta seeks new creative lead

Bottega Veneta CEO Leo Rongone said that he would like to express his gratitude to Daniel for his service to the House during the past three-years. Bottega Veneta was able to benefit from his fresh perspective and modernity while still respecting the brand’s 50-year history. His creative efforts have been evident in the remarkable growth of the brand during the past three years.

Francois-Henri Piault, Chairman and CEO, Kering stated: “I am very thankful to Daniel for bringing his passion and energy into Bottega Veneta. His unique vision helped make the House’s history relevant today and brought it back to the forefront of fashion. He has contributed a unique chapter in the long history Bottega Veneta. I want to thank him personally.”

Daniel Lee said: “My experience at Bottega Veneta was an amazing experience. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with a talented and exceptional team. I will always be grateful to everyone who helped me realize my vision. Francois-Henri Pinault, for his support and the chance to be part Bottega Veneta‚Äôs story, is a huge thank you.”

Kering stated that a new creative team will be announced soon.

person walking on the sidewalk beside the building