Grenson, a heritage shoemaker, has teamed up three new labels Eckhaus Latta and Labrum to bring three styles out of its archives, exclusive for Browns, up to date.

Each label will update three Grenson classics, the boot, and the derby, with their own unique aesthetics in the ‘Future Shoes’ collaborative collection.

The boots were the first to be launched. Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus of Eckhaus Latta transformed Grenson’s Milo Chelsea boot into a bright yellow hide, with black spots. Foday Dumbuya, Labrum designer, took inspiration from his Sierra Leone roots and grew up in London to update Grenson’s Fred brogue boot in an antique notched leather and triple-leather sole combination.

Image: Grenson ‘Future Shoes’/Browns; Grenson x Phipps 

Spencer Phipps of Phipps has created the third and final boot. It is a knee-high derby with padding for the calf. The boot features Grenson’s signature 201G last with reflective hiking style lace.

Tim Little, Grenson’s creative director, commented on the collection. He said, “This was such a thrilling project because working with exciting young designer and getting their perspective on what we do is fun and also inspiring. The end result is some truly amazing shoes.”

Lewis Bloyce, Browns’ footwear buyer, said: “It was high time to change things up for hard shoes, and who better than three pioneering brands from the menswear industry to do this?”

The Grenson Future Shoes boot collection will be expanded with three labels that transform the loafer and derby, which will be available in drops starting next year.

Image: Grenson ‘Future Shoes’/Browns; Grenson x Phipps