silver-colored analog watch near two silver-colored rings

Drest, the luxury styling game, is launching a new watch and jewelry mode along with an exclusive partnership to Cartier. This will highlight its Clash [Un]limited collections.

Drest now allows fine jewelry and watches into the mobile gaming realm with enhanced gameplay features. This allows Drest users to style watches and jewelry in 2D on Drest’s hyper-realistic avatars.

Drest explained that players will be able to experiment with layering jewelry, stacking bracelets, necklaces, and rings for the first time.

Cartier will add the watch and jewelry modes to the app, and use the gaming app as a communication platform to promote its Clash de Cartier Capsule Collection Clash [Un]limited, which includes the limited-edition Clash de Cartier Stud.

Cartier created two virtual styling challenges as part of the launch. Drest stylists are invited to create with Cartier designs through two photoshoot challenges or one mood board challenge.

Lucy Yeomans (founder and chief executive of Drest) stated in a statement that “The worlds of watches and jewelry are the pinnacle luxury aspiration. They combine some of the most coveted and sought-after designs with powerful storytelling. Although Drest’s implementation of these pieces was difficult technically, we are pleased with the final results. We especially love the features that allow our players to touch the jewelry and experiment with our styling options, such as stacking watches or multiple rings.”

“Collaborating alongside the amazing Cartier and its truly legendary designs allows our Drest stylists, fashion lovers all over the world, to enjoy a true luxury experiences. This is something we are passionate about.” This mode allows jewelry-lovers to experiment with and be creatively involved in the storytelling of these special brands.

Arnaud Carrez is senior vice president-chief market officer at Cartier. He added that “Pushing boundaries” is Cartier’s core DNA and that Cartier is always looking for new and relevant ways to engage customers. “Our audience will be able to explore Cartier’s creative and innovative creations with the new Clash [Un]limited collection. The Drest features will also help.”

Drest is the first platform that combines gamification, shopping and creativity with entertainment. You can play the role of a fashion stylist, and style daily challenges with the latest products from more than 160 top fashion brands, including Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Prada.