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Spanish retailer, The Mango Group, has announced that it will launch Alter Made, a sustainable brand, online in select European countries.

The Alter Made brand is all about conscious consumption and well-being. It also includes a variety of ethical and sustainable initiatives that support the group’s commitment to the environment. According to the group, it was born out of consumer demand for responsible consumption.

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The release describes the items as “durable and timeless pieces of high quality with sustainable characteristics”. As part of the collection properties, the retailer will use a short-run manufacturing strategy to reduce surplus.

The collection will feature local production. Garments will be made in Europe and Turkey and suppliers chosen according to their expertise and traceability. Both the quality and sustainability of fabrics and raw materials will all be evaluated.

Global sustainability strategy

Toni Ruiz (CEO of Mango) stated that Alter Made was a new value proposition for the Mango Group and is targeted at an audience that values responsible consumption. Our goal is to follow this trend and learn new ways to work that will help us advance in our global sustainability strategy.

Ruiz stated that the primary objective of the launch was “for the brand’s to invoice 25 millions euros in three years”.

Alejandra Mur from Mango, who has been with them for 15 years, will direct Alter Made. She will lead a team of 12 international members, each with their own responsibilities and experience.

black and white floral handbag

Mur said, “This is an exciting challenge for us. There is a growing demand in society for collections that allow people to responsibly consume fashion, and that is our primary objective. We want to make quality garments that are very carefully made, in close proximity, and have a long lifespan.”

She said, “To achieve that, it is important not only to concentrate on the details of the garments but also on the partners with which we will be working. We will produce where the experts know how to make each product well, so each garment’s origin will be marked with mastery.”

The brand’s official website will launch in November and be accessible throughout Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.