woman in black dress sitting on brown and beige floral chair

Lifestyle brand Away announced its first designer collaboration. The collection will focus on Away’s top-selling travel products. Emerging designers Sandy Liang and Tia Adeola will be reimagining three core silhouettes of the brand.

This collaboration will be available in a limited edition capsule on October 14. It will be a multi-year event, with artists from a variety of backgrounds and aesthetics joining forces.

Jen Rubio, Away’s CEO and cofounder, stated in a press release, that she was “thrilled” by the opportunity to introduce the products to the international community. She also said that it was an honor to watch how the three talented designers integrated their style sensibility into Away’s sleek design sensibility.

Three silhouettes were redesigned: the Large Everywhere Bag (with front pocket backpack), the Front Pocket Backpack (with travel pouch set), and the Large Everywhere Bag (with main compartment). To reflect their personal views, the designers gave their products a modern twist. Each designer was inspired by their unique experiences with people and places – ultimately, anything that contributed to their aesthetic identity.

Sandy Liang, designer, said her floral pattern was inspired “by the playful wanderlust people feel towards travel right now.” Adeola, on the other hand, contemplated “restructuring female bodies in the 21st Century.” Adeola plans to challenge existing constructs with “statement items that are meant for everyday life.”

Choi’s designs also have a connection to travel. Choi spoke of her choice piece, saying that she wanted something bright and sporty that was uplifting. Choi said that the piece was “primarily inspired by travel”, but also influenced by other cultures, places, and people. Her chosen design is a reimagined version of Away in three shades of bright, blocked colour with Choi’s signature white pipe.

Rubio said, “This is an exciting beginning to our annual cooperation.”

woman in black dress sitting on brown and beige floral chair