people walking on pedestrian lane during daytime

Burger King UK launched limited-edition genderless merchandise in collaboration with Katie Eary, a menswear designer, and Cloth Surgeon, a custom streetwear tailor inspired by last week’s launch of the ‘Gourmet King Range’ fast-food hamburger chain.

The shirt’s unique design is inspired by Burger King UK’s premium burgers The Steakhouse & The Argentinian. The camouflage print features the burgers main ingredients – tomatoes and rocket, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese, crispy onion and bacon.

Only 100 of the ‘Fall Collection” shirts are available. Fans who order one Gourmet Kings Range burger via the Burger King App will be eligible to enter a prize draw.

Katie Eary, a British designer, said in a statement about the ‘Fall Collection: “It’s an honor to work with such a well-known restaurant. Burger King UK gave my creative freedom to create something new and original.”

The camo is a celebration of the new menu. It takes cues form the freshest ingredients and creates something unique that has never been seen before. Each shirt offers a tangible benefit to those lucky Brits who purchase one. It is a worry-free, spill-free, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Soco Nunez, the brand and communications director at Burger King UK, added: “After months of preparation, we are so excited and proud to announce our passion project to world and celebrate the new Gourmet Kings Range in collaboration with two cutting edge craftsmen: Katy Eary, and Cloth Surgeon.”

“We want our fans to be able to enjoy The Argentinian and The Steakhouse burgers with no spillage and encourage them to get gloriously messy.”

people walking on pedestrian lane during daytime