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According to a survey, 57% of Australian online shoppers have made at most one cross-border purchase within the past 12 months. The most likely items that are purchased through ecommerce sites from other countries are clothing and footwear, along with beauty products (42%) and leisure goods (44%)

Logistyx Technologies commissioned a survey of 2,035 internet shoppers to determine whether or not 43 percent agreed that online shopping during the pandemic is more important than ever. This strategic parcel shipping technology and fulfilment company, Logistyx Technologies, found that more people are willing to shop online for cross-border ecommerce.

Although most shoppers have negative views about cross-border shopping’s shipping and delivery experience, 66% believe that goods will arrive sooner than expected. 59% fear they will be subject to unexpected duties or fees. 73% believe it will be harder to return products.

woman holding black smartphone near silver macbook

Transparency is important to customers

The research found that international orders can be encouraged by ecommerce sellers using free returns (72%). allowing shoppers to track their orders online (71%). transparency about additional taxes or duties that may be required (70%). Around 59 percent of online shoppers believe they are less likely than others to give the company another chance if they make mistakes with an order.

Geoffrey Finlay CEO of Logistyx said that people are becoming more open to shopping online on ecommerce websites based in other nations. Our research shows that international customers are more likely to shop on ecommerce sites based in other countries. However, it is important to address key issues around shipping and delivery if you wish to retain them. You can reduce some of these problems by creating the right supply chains systems. However, it is important to choose the right carriers for each country and region in terms of cost and service. It is essential that you work with carriers who can give visibility over the entire parcel delivery journey, preferably in real-time. You should also make use of carrier performance data to identify areas for improvement.

“Returns seem to be a major problem. It may not be possible to give them away due to the complexity and cost of international shipping. However, it is important that the process is as simple and painless as possible. Make sure you are clear about your returns policy, include labels and packaging for returns with the original parcel. Book a return quickly and easily. Refunds will be initiated immediately after the customer has received the returned item.”