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Danish fashion platform Miinto will open its official overseas flagship store on JD.com in November 12. It will offer its fashion accessories and clothing to over 500 million JD customers.

Miinto joins JD via the Just-In-Time Project, which allows cross-border merchants and system integration to synchronise orders and products, providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

It has one of Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce platforms and a network of fashion brands and boutiques. The brand stated that the platform’s expansion to China will enable it to offer a rich selection of high-quality products, sourced from thousands of European brands, to Chinese customers.

Miinto’s chief executive Konrad Kierklo said in a statement: “There are many reasons to choose JD Worldwide as our start point in China. The key points are that Chinese consumers trust JD Worldwide and that they only allow authentic products to be listed on the platform. That is important to us.”

white Off-White paper bag

“We believe fashion is created from people’s love for self-expression. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer our partners access to one the most exciting fashion markets around the globe. We will gain a better understanding of Chinese consumers as we travel more often. This will allow us to offer a better service and improve our offerings to suit their needs.”

Luke Liu, JD Worldwide’s business director, said: “Miinto created a sustainable environment among independent fashion boutiques and brands, as well as consumers, by using innovative technology and a cooperative strategy.”

“The diverse product range, which includes a carefully curated selection of premium and luxurious goods from the finest fashion boutiques in Europe, luxury, premium fashion, and vintage, will be a great value for JD’s customers, especially when combined with the upcoming single day shopping festival.”