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Tore, a brand of sock and hosiery that has been embraced by the Sockshop is a leading brand.

Tore is the Sockshop’s first 100% recycled sock brand. It aims to reduce textile wastage and water use by using recycled materials in every aspect of production, packaging, and distribution.

Tore socks are made with recycled fibres. These include recycled cotton from consumer waste, yarn scraps and fabric after-products, recycled polyamide and polyester from plastic bottles, as well as recycled elastane.

Tore socks are also made of recycled paper and cornstarch plastic (PLA), which is an alternative to plastics made from fermented starch.

Tore socks are RCS100 certified by Textile Exchange Organisation. One pack of Tore socks saves two years worth of drinking water and diverts 2.4 plastic water containers and 0.6 T-shirts out from landfills.

Tore socks are also eco-friendly and offer comfort, durability, and hypoallergenic properties.

Amit Ruia (Managing Director of Sockshop) commented on the launch. He said, “We are thrilled that we are launching our first completely sustainable, totally recycled socks.”

Tore socks contain recycled fibres. They are made of recycled cotton, recycled polyester and discarded water bottles. One sock at time, we hope to make small improvements to improve the world.

assorted-color clothes close up photography