gray corded hair dryer and red comb

A catwalk or high-street outfit was not complete for anyone who was self-respecting in the 1990s.

Carrie Bradshaw once called them a “safe and reliable way to spot tourists in Manhattan.” She said, “No woman who lives on Perry Street and works at W Magazine would be found dead in a trendy downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie.”

The humble hair-tie has returned to mainstream markets in a way that was not possible since the 1990s, 15 years after  .Sex and the City’s demise. According to Sara Radin, the unofficial historian of scrunchies by US National Public Radio, she was named after her potted history at Teen Vogue. It has been a top fashion trend this year, with Pinterest reporting a rise of 6309% in searches and Lyst reporting a 20% increase since December.

gray corded hair dryer and red comb

They are widely available in shops that cater to under-25s like Claire’s and Urban Outfitters. Radin said that scrunchies are “a little bit crazy in the best possible way, and that’s part the fun of wearing them.”

She said that scrunchies are a reminder of childhood for millennials and generation Z. For the VSCO Girls generation Z, scrunchies are worn “as an expression of self-love”.

What’s next? Radin predicts a future in scrunchie scarves as shown on Maryam Nassir Zdeh’s spring/summer 2020 runway. Radin also expects more innovation, including in size, shape, and applique. It measures 8 inches in diameter, which is the same size as a dinner plate.