two men standing on red flower in front of gray metal wall

Armani has canceled, but Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana and Prada and  have chosen to present live shows at Men’s Fashion Week Milan, which begins Friday amid a new wave of coronavirus.

The northern Italian city of Milan has adopted a “phygital” programme to restore normalcy after the pandemic. Some houses will be displaying their collections in person while others will go digital.

Giant Giorgio Armani’s decision to cancel its Paris and Milan shows last week caused a lot of sadness. However, 16 brands, including the largest, will be hosting live shows. Guests will need to wear an FFP2 mask as well as proof of vaccination. 18 other brands will keep it virtual.

All other collections will be available by appointment only.

two men standing on red flower in front of gray metal wall

According to Federica Trotta Mureau, trends watcher, designers are now focusing on the return of the outdoors, rather than the lazy clothes that were worn during the pandemic.

According to Mia Le Journal, the editor-in chief of Mia Le Journal, “overshirts” are a new look for many fashion houses. They are loose and flowing sweaters that can replace shirts.

The new collections feature oversized down jackets, which protect from the cold, and padded nylon pants. Bright colours and patterns are back, possibly to cheer people after months of suffering from pandemics. But, monochromatic outfits with “tastes of terracotta” are also in.

It is expected that the Italian fashion industry will have experienced a 20.5 percent increase in revenue by 2021, following the troubles of 2020 when Italy was hit with a severe pandemic and restrictions on virus spread.

The show opens with Ermenegildo Zgna, who in December made its debut at Wall Street and became the first Italian fashion house listed in New York. “The way we dress is changing, and the world is changing.” Gildo Zegna, CEO of Gildo Zegna, stated that formal is being replaced by informal and high-end. “We have given our brand a new direction based on luxury leisurewear, which has generated good results.”