shallow focus photography of unpaired gray adidas sports shoe

Adidas has entered the resale marketplace via its new Choose to Give Back program. This initiative was launched in the US to extend the lifecycles of footwear and apparel for lifestyle and performance sports. Customers can send any brand of product back to Thredup’s Resale-as-a Service (RaaS), via the Adidas Creator’s Club App to either reuse or resell it.

shallow focus photography of unpaired gray adidas sports shoe

Fashion is the largest polluter in the world

The US can reuse 95 percent of the garments that are thrown away. Textiles continue to rely heavily on non-renewable materials. With low use rates and low recycling levels, this linear system puts pressure on the planet’s resources.

“We believe that high performance should not be at the expense of the environment. We are committed to creating a circular future in sportswear and through the Choose to Give Back program, we help people to see new ways to give old gear new life,” Katja Schreiber (Adidas SVP of Sustainability) says.

Adidas wants to promote a circular product cycle by giving old clothes and shoes the chance to be reused or repurposed. Thredup’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, RaaS, Pooja Sethi said that Adidas is known for creating innovative and sustainable solutions worldwide. “We’re able to resell at scale with customizable solutions that are available for top brands and retailers. This allows us to keep high-quality clothes in longer use and reduce fashion waste.”

The program was initially launched in the Adidas Creators Club app for members on October 7, but is now being expanded online and in stores starting in 2022. Consumers can use the app to create a Clean Out Kit shipping label and send clothing and accessories to any brand or category. This includes used sports gear, such as running shoes, soccer jerseys, or other performance apparel. If the item cannot be resold, it will go through thredUP’s network of textile reuse partners. Members of the Creator Club will receive rewards for submitting their gear.

One of the many sustainability initiatives of sportswear giant Allbirds is Choose to Give Back. This includes the introduction of Stan Smith Mylo, a low-carbon collaboration shoe with Allbirds. Made with mycelium, the root structures of mushrooms, and Made to be Remade footwear. The brand is working towards carbon neutrality in all North American facilities by 2025. This includes retail stores and distribution centers as well as employee offices.

“The end is one thing is the beginning of another.” Katja Schreiber said that this is the beginning to a more responsible future. She suggested keeping gear in use to reduce plastic waste.