Anti-Do-To, a streetwear brand, has created a limited-edition blanket called ‘The Face’. For every purchase, it will donate one to Milan’s homeless.

The 2020-born brand is an ethical and sustainable brand that aims to encourage its community to get involved in a social impact project. This festive season, you can purchase the limited-edition blanket ‘The Face’ in Jacquard in black, white or blue and orange. Made in Italy from regenerated cotton, the blanket features a graphic featuring an ironic face and a smiling expression.

Image: Anti-Do-To; ‘The Face’ blanket

From December 9 through January 31, the brand will donate a blanket made from a warmer wool mix material to homeless people in Milan’s Porta Venezia neighborhood. A wealthy area with “high rates of invisible people”.

Anti-Do-To works with the Isacchi Samaja Onlu Foundation. This foundation is also located in Porta Venezia and assists approximately 100 homeless people each day through the support of local associations as well as its own street units. Cultural mediators provide comfort and support to street dwellers by offering basic necessities, drink, food, and blankets, four nights a week.

Anti-Do-To’s initiative isn’t just about providing warm blankets to homeless people, but also inviting its community to look closer at home with the goal of spreading warmth, positivity, and encouraging others to do so.

Anti-Do-To is a fashion brand that promotes change. It invests 50% of its net profits in social impact projects that support four core causes of the brand’s ethos, which are physical and mental well-being as well as inclusion, community, and the planet.