2 women in black coat standing in front of glass wall

Cos, the Swedish fast-fashion company that produces high-end clothing, will showcase its AW21 collection at London Fashion Week on Tuesday. Cos, a brand striving to be cosidered London-based brand of designer apparel, released its fall campaign last month. It claims it is aiming to establish itself as a leading London brand. The AW21 collection can be purchased on the company’s website. However, Cos will not be selling the London Fashion Week collection.

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Cos will be able to present a large budget in a LFW without the support of major designers. This is in contrast to the numerous emerging designers listed on the official schedule. The hybrid show, which will be held at the Roundhouse theatre in North London and feature both men’s- and women’s wear as well as a digital focus on portraiture and moving pictures, will all be streamed live via the company’s website.

August Cos described the latest collection’s garments as “iconic,” with “meticulous construction and craftmanship that makes for longevity.” This press release was published in August. Similar differences exist in high-street marketing. They use attributes like “elevated”, “sustainable” loosely because they are often grey areas for lower costing brands. This makes them more open to interpretation.

Press exercise

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It is difficult for Cos to show on London Fashion Week’s catwalks without revealing SS22 after its AW21 Campaign has been published. This makes it a focus on wooing fashion journalists and convincing the industry about its new direction.

Details and depth

The debate about which brands are best suited for the catwalk has ended many years ago when contemporary fashion labels and high-street companies like Topshop decided to use the format to showcase their collections. If the details and depth are present, a simple and elegant fashion style can still be exciting on the runway.

2 women in black coat standing in front of glass wall

It all comes down to product. The fibers used to create garments, the cut and fit of the tailoring, and the quality and style of the stitching will elevate Cos above its peers on the high street when it performs on the Roundhouse stage. Any other would be pure theatre.

Cos.com will livestream the presentation at 15:00 BST.