gold ring on white paper

Retailer & Other Stories launched The Style Game, which is a fashion-themed game that features its autumn/winter collections.

Limit-edition multiplayer board games revolve around & Other Stories has three ateliers: Paris, Los Angeles, and Stockholm. The game pieces are made of small, gold brass metal game pieces that look like shoes and ballerinas. Players start in their favorite atelier, and then roll the die to move about the board and collect fashion cards.

gold ring on white paper

The Style Game is won by the first player to complete a look at all three ateliers, and then walks past or into that city.

You will also be asked questions about fashion, culture, and inspiring women. Players will encounter cards that include travels, quizzes and conversation starters. There are also special treasure cards that offer real rewards in & Other Stories stores offer discounts.

Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke is director brand and creative for & Other Stories stated in a statement that they wanted to provide extra fun for customers by inviting them to have fun in the world of Stories or our ateliers. This allowed us to not only bring out our autumn collections in an original way but also to share the joy of being with our close friends, even if it’s just a few.

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& Other Stories also has a Style Game Pop-up in all stores with a Kiosque. This is a place where you can sit down with your friends and enjoy a meal at one of the bistro tables.

You can purchase the Style Game in select stores. Other Stories prices are 28 Pounds.