blue nintendo switch game console

Pandora, a Danish jewellery brand, has entered gaming with its Pandora Island in Nintendo’s popular Nintendo game “Animal Crossing New Horizons”.

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Pandora Island was inspired by the launch of Pandora’s new Pandora Me collection. It focuses on a vibrant celebration of authenticity and self-expression.

Three months have passed since the creation of the island. It was custom designed by Blarla button, the island creator, as well as Lauran Carter, who is the island producer, with the artistic guidance provided by Pandora’s creative directors Filippo Ficarelli, and Francesco Terzo.

This immersive space allows players the opportunity to explore Pandora’s universe. It also features photo-worthy locations for Animal Crossing avatars such as the iconic Pandora crown logo, a diner in American style, and homes inspired from the new Pandora Me’s celebrity Ambassadors CharliXCX, Cecilia Cantarano.

The island’s residential homes reflect the Pandora Me campaign, featuring avatars of the four creative directors and the ambassadors. They also pay homage to Pandora’s craftsmanship. Pandora recreated its factory in Chiang Mai with digital replicas of the water features, solar panels and palm trees. Players can also find crafting benches and other materials in the Pandora Me collection.

blue nintendo switch game console

Highlights include CharliXCX: A Greenroom that was inspired by her music career. It features a neon pink aesthetic and custom-designed flooring and lighting. The Donte Colley is a club-inspired space with custom-created walls, amps, and record players.

Cecilia Cantarano also has The Selfie Spa, which replicates the playful TikTok content of the influencer by allowing players take the best shots possible of their Animal Crossing avatar using pixel ring lights and camera stands, as well as deep purple lighting.

Siobhan Kings, Pandora UK and Ireland’s marketing director, commented on the launch. She said: “The relaunched Pandora Me is an exciting moment for us as brands – the collection, and all it stands for, give us the chance to truly celebrate creativity, self-expression and personalisation. It was an exciting opportunity to launch Pandora Me in the gaming community and to give back to a vibrant community.”

“Pandora exists as a way to express people’s love, much like Animal Crossing. We knew that Pandora Me was a place we could connect with players and bring them into Pandora Me in an original, bold, and relevant manner. As we grow the space and develop Pandora Island, we hope to create a community that is creative and enriches the game play of all our visitors.”